What are you thankful about today??

Folks!! After a long time I have got something to write today. My friend Percy is a happening woman. She is tall and gifted with the right amount of beauty.I have listened to her lamenting stories of how upset she is for coming last in the Race of Life.

Her perception towards life is un-understandable to me.Sometimes I will be like Percy stop it please why so much complaints from life?? Her instant answer would be I come from a family of scholars were becoming something in the family is really important.I do feel angry at Percy’s grumblings but at the same time she picks up her broken parts just to ensure that she is never going to surrender.Percy’s plans have never been as she planned, its either twilights haunting her or she running behind the twilight.

Few days back I got acquainted with one of Percy’s friends.And I got to know how much she is not picking up with her goals and how hard she is trying to get where she wants to reach.I caught up with Percy last night and this was the most beautiful thing I heard from her”I am in the most hopeless phase of my life and I am trying hard to reach the top.I know it all seems Impossible right now but atleast I want to show the Impossibility that it is impossible for me to never STOP TRYING.And I am thankful about this”

Percy is happy that the only gift and hope she has with her is her unwillingness to capitulate to any negative events.And she is greatful about it.So folks whats your story of gratitude?? Something different is it?? Or Can I share some stories to my Percy just to lift up her energy…….


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