My Best Friend

I have many friends. Like some I socialize with and like some are just a call away. I have a few countable friends and I think that’s best you have someone to share your feelings always. I have many kinda friends like 4 am friend , a 2 am friend, a soul sister friend, a hostel bestie, my best colleague bestie etc damn!! The list goes on. But there is this best friend of mine who is just special beyond words or my thoughts.

She is Krishna Kumari. I met her when I was in Class 11 for the first time.She was looking down through the window thinking some nonsense as usual and all I wondered if having a conversation with her would be worth it. Am gonna quickly tell you why she is worth it.


She is the best secret keeper I have come across. Guys trust me you can forget your class, Status and everything and tell your dirty secrets.


There wasn’t a single day we never gossiped!! We laughed, we fought, we cursed, we gave friendship a new life!!!


We FELL FOR THE SAME GUY at THE SAME TIME. OMG!! She is gonna slay me after reading this.


She is a sweetheart and trust me when we had the ugliest fight of our journey she always remained the best and the sweetest. Literally she would be the one to come break the ego that surrounds our friendship.


I was once noticed by a old assy man on a date with a guy. This assy man went and told my dad that he had seen his daughter with a guy!! I freaked out when I was questioned and my dad (my overprotective dad feels dating is highly obnoxious) immediately dialed this best friend of mine to cross check. We both weren’t on talking terms as we both had a clash over a assy-guy issue. Trust me this women saved me saying that she was there with me the entire day!!


When I slapped her and the days we took to mend it.


I would always forget her birthday but this dumbo would never forget mine. My worst birthday was 2014 when I had lost all hopes for living and she called me to wish me on bday. She understood something terrible had taken over me and trust me she stood by me like a pillar throughout the storm!!


Switches off phone and vanishes like a SPY!!

Heyy I love you Krish bae😘 I wouldn’t mind breaking any faces if I find you hurt and down!! I am lucky I found you. My high school days would have been drabby without you…. Now I get why the conversation was worth making it…

Talking to you makes me so strong, so joyful, so courageous.



A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else- This is so true for us Krish!!


27 thoughts on “My Best Friend

  1. Lucky thing I have two best girlfriends and i we even have crush on same guy. We are so pathetic we keep hitting on a good looking guy if we are in a restaurant or something making that guy feel embarras and make him run away. God girls are amazing friend accept those who dont bitch behind 🙂

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