My Anti Aging Creams

No! No! No! M not going to talk about any creams nor do I have one. But all I see that everybody is having wrinkles and fine lines in their life. I see a 16 year old looking like a 24 & a 35 year old looking like 50 year old.Why carry so much of worry when you can actually flip it and bring happiness back again. Everybody has a burden but everyone is ageing and the smile they ought to carry is fading off. I have a list of anti-aging creams for everyone which I want everyone to apply to get the younger and flawless looks in life.

CREAM A – Avoid Gossip they dont produce you anything.
CREAM B – You been abandoned during grim times, then go stand by someone who needs it the most because you know how much it aches being abandoned.
CREAM C – Keep laughing all the time, every second is a step to the graveyard.
CREAM D – Spend time with the nature and enjoy its bounty.
CREAM E – Love your pets.
CREAM F – If something is broken we dont throw it instead we fix it with a glue.So does relationships, try fixing it.
CREAM G – practise the Art of Gratitude.
CREAM H – Dont mourn on failures instead move on.Its never good to water a dead plant.
CREAM I – Go adventurous and Valiant.
CREAM J – Dont carry the burden or commitments you dont like.Do hard work that your future will be grateful to you.
CREAM K – Trust your Instincts & Gut, they never lie.
CREAM L – Spread love everywhere. Very few know about the power of love ,when given it comes ten folds in turn.
Hope you guys like my Anti-aging creams ๐Ÿ˜ƒ…….


Do whatever you love unless you are not liable for your acts.So stay young, feel young and look young always….



23 thoughts on “My Anti Aging Creams

  1. I love your list of creams, and particularly agree with Creams C, H and L. All are ecellent for keeping youg-looking. It has been proven that laughing (Cream C) is an excellent exercise for facial muscles, so helping muscles to stay firmer. And don’t forget – smoking is the worst thing that anyone can do if they want to keep their youthful looks (although I realise this fact doesn’t fit the general theme of your great list). Very interesting post!
    Happy New Year. Pinky.

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    1. Thnk u very much Miss Millie. Ha ha ha yea excessive smoking, alcohol and drugs leaves skin aging…. But yes mental peace has so much to do with yr skin and the genetics dat u make nd pass on to the other generation…. Happy new year to you also… Stay young !!


  2. The best beauty is the inner beauty!!!! and your creams will go places with the people who wants to maintain it!!!! the most important thing is all ur creams can be got at free of cost !!!

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  3. What a wonderful description of dabbling in the art of anti aging not complex like the creams they design but as simple as freeing the mind! Thank you for the follow :)! I am looking forward to exploring your blog also.

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