My Kind of Death…

Ask someone what they want they say “Well grow rich and do this do that”.I say I want the best death of my life.We live such a prosaic life where we die every single day listening and hearing to something and someone and we end up doing nothing at all. My wish isn’t to die but to die doing something I have been loving. I want to die racing as I know I will be still busy living my passion even when death knocks me down. My passion for racing have remained unbending. Who wants to live a mundane life and do things that don’t make you happy.I remember the very word of death would shake me completely until I got myself killed internally. It taught me how ungrateful and unappreciative I have been towards my life and the constant nitpicking made me loose many beautiful joys of life.

My first accident was when I was in grade 7, I gathered all the strength to cycle race it till a point.The road was so uneven with too many rocks. I peddled so hard to win. The speed allured and galvanized me to make it through the rocky path. Much to my excitement at the end i found my bicycle in some other form and me with all wounds and scratches all over. I understood that life had to be achieved like this with wounds but the ultimate triumph i earned was hard to describe.I have had many accidents racing and every single time I escaped death or I cheated death it delighted me and I never ever embraced fear.I learned that death was just another part I did it because it made me happy. I have had situations were I would limp for months but I would still speed up. Speed does kill but doesn’t kill some psyches.

The best death they say is passing away while your asleep I want when I m doing my racing …..

“It is never ever a tragic to die doing something you love”- Says Me 😛



14 thoughts on “My Kind of Death…

  1. You being speedster.. reminds me of someone. It’s Paul Walker.
    “If one day speed kills me, don’t cry, because I was smiling.” He bid adieu from the world in the same fashion.
    Hope you live as long as you can, and you do what you like to do. 🙂

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  2. I thought women are not interested in racing and all.Anyway if you know to drive a car don’t drive carelessly or overspeedily ok?Racing is something which should be done on a racing track right?

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  3. I had one good motorbike accident when I should have died, but I didn’t, when you break your crash helmet but not your head you know two things –
    Your death awaits you later
    You have a very thick skull

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