What’s Luck???

Well nor do I have the answer to that!! It’s pretty complicated though… All my life I have been growing up hearing how Lucky I am in people’s lives and how lucky I am to have this life.My dad was earning just Rs.600 with my pregnant mom back in the late 80’s and then I was born my dad had huge change in his destiny and after that he had no looking back it was all growth he saw and credits me for all that wonderful stroke of luck and that’s what he has been telling me all time.With changing times I understood that there is nothing called as Luck its all about how special you feel about oneself in your life.Probably that is why my dad felt too special about having me in his life or he kept reminding himself that I was his lucky mascot!! Another Best Friend of mine had also this special feeling about his pen which he would carry with him during the exams and kept reminding him that no matter what he has prepared for the exams if he isn’t writing with same pen he would definitely flunk the paper!  Every time I hear from people how lucky they feel about someone they also say ‘how special’ they feel. The word special isn’t any normal word it has so much to do with the way a human brain thinks and feels. Special is something that brings smile across your face. Special is something you are obsessed with. Special is something that gives you courage and helps you overcome all the daunting obstacles. Special is giving you a reason to live every single moment. My Grandma desperately wanted a girl child in the family and then I was born after yearssss, she considered me special and so she consulted some astrologers and was very keen enough to give me a name that had to do with my destiny and then she named me “Rajalakshmi”. I kept asking everyone why she gave me such name it sounded so boring and then she always said I would bring Luck, Charm and Money to people’s life…Whoaaa!! but that name I always choose not to disclose it to people unless I was asked for and I have them in all my important documents sadly and luckily :P. I was always embarrassed about this name and did everything to change and eventually I had to have the name with me because it was given with so much of love!!image-37540

Luck is all about the what is left after you have given your 100. Give as much as you can, never be hurt that why hasn’t it resulted  just keep giving be it exam preparation or weight loss or racing against your goals or hardworking to get somewhere. My Guru had once told me “Give how much ever you can with dedication and trust me your output will follow you automatically”.Life is all about considering yourself special and everything follows you automatically.I have a crazy experience to share I once had a interview at very happening company I couldn’t prepare myself I did everything and stopped myself from attending the interview as I felt I would loose the interview.Then I thought giving up was being craven, so I thought I should give a try for namesake. But trust me I had some people telling me “Common Pinky I know about you , you will make it” I was like whom on the earth are you judging at? I was awake all night how would I make it. I took a deep breath and before leaving all I did was take a look at a person’s pic who was(is and will always remain) my lucky charm. The interview process was quiet hard and passed through everything. I have never had a weird experience of looking at someone’s pic and going lucky like this. I realized that life is crazy and its nothing but the special vibe which you are having with the person or thing. Yes I am the luckiest bitch ever alive. I am crazy because I can never be serious with life and I never will. Serious attitude brings serious events in life. I am lucky because I have a roof to live under ,plate served with warm food, running water, friends to laugh around & instill me with unwavering faith and confidence, clothes to wear, bed to sleep, Loving Moma & Dada, Small brother to play around and many many more…………………..make-your-own-luck.jpg

You feel you aren’t lucky? Neva feel that!! Looking back I would curse my luck and would always feel down, but ever since I came across the word “Special” life has always been a rosy. Instill your brain with the fact that your special stay calm visualize what you want in life. Every single event of your life will turn out to be special and the best. Luck to me is all about feeling special. So take chance live life and open your eyes and see how lucky you have been and discover the special things around you will fall in love with life all over…….And I might go unfair if I don’t quote this famous American Writer Channing Pullock’s Idea on luck “The only good luck many great men have is being born with the ability and determination to overcome the bad luck”

Feel Lucky Feel Special……Life is too short to howl 😛


41 thoughts on “What’s Luck???

    1. Hallo Fräulein. Ich sehe, dass Ihre Seite ist auf Deutsch. Ich verrückt bin Fan der deutschen Sprache. So viel Liebe zu Ihnen. Hahaha! Ja, wir haben das Glück, wie wir atmen Sauerstoff. Ich lerne Deutsch in der Hoffnung, fließend auf ihm eines Tages sein. Bitte heran folgen.


    1. Hey Mister four eyed poet!! You are actually Lucky person. You re here because of the love given by the mystical power , call him God or anything. Read your poems and you possess a talent of making people want them to read again and again!! They say that God sends down everyone with a special skill and you have one such….You are lucky and amazing…..Feel special and stay blessed..Your no less to anyone or so I feel….


  1. pinky you believe in the saying coincidence is god’s hidden way of acting.
    you have certainly explained luck in the words-i have a house,parents and brother.
    whether it is a person staying in an orphanage or a person sleeping in a bus stop at night,the best reason we are not that person is we are lucky.i don’t think god deliberately make a person born as orphan or poor,it is just the way it is.
    Does your friends know your pet name-rajalakshmi?

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  2. Libbie : Nå ja ;0) Det havde jeg ikke lige tænkt på ;0) Jeg skulle bare være før færdig end Helle ;0i)Gtte : Det gør jeg også selv ;0) så nu er jeg ikke den eneste der lider ;0)

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