Are You Gutsy Enough to be Happy?

She was called as the most boldest and monstrous kid in the family. She had a special vibe with Life no matter how life ill-treated her there waso-HAPPINESS-facebook something that made her extremely happy. Some say that Happiness is always accompanied with gloomy events, for her life was reverse always or could be said that she literally fell into the merriment events of life!! Her life was perfect like she had no goals like other humans, she had no much fascination towards her life because of one awful decision she took in her life that kept affecting her further vibrations towards life. She would wake up , eat , bath herself and rush to place where she had to go every single day for her education, meet people , laugh and merry around and then back to home, BACK TO SOLITUDE!!..She was still very ambitious and she had an unquenchable zest towards her life. She wanted to desperately repair the broken parts and start new from the scratch as she new if she didn’t none would do it. Her solitude became her biggest company in her life. Life never remains the same always and she came across a sweet serendipity, something unexpected , something good and something uninvited in her life. It is true and a million year old truth that when you wish for something with love the whole Universe conspires you to get it done, a wish to be a happy soul in another soul.

She came across someone whom she found not so great or could be said one among those she saw everyday and felt nothing great about. Some souls cross your life with some purpose and its all upon us that we understand and make right use of it. Her biggest fear was “Trust” which she could never have on anyone. Days started with something unusual something she couldn’t have thought in years “A New Vibe” a “New Happiness” and “New Hope” all at the wrong time!! 😦 .Its amazing how some souls come into certain people get into our lives and give us unsurpassed goals, hopes, dreams and marking culmination of what we wanted over the years!! Her dreams grew wild every single day. She was growing happy and gaining strength against all odds. She saw many best events which she misunderstood the soul to be her lucky charm which eventually was that.

All the lumbering events of life started to fade off slowly she finally saw the clear sky…Her path was very clear and she wanted to be a part of that soul no matter what came her way. She was made determined by that soul who casted all magical power over her by giving complete wings to fly and breath life. But was she Gutsy enough to be happy?  Was shhappiness-depends-on-facebook-cover-timeline-banner-for-fbe still determined to fight anything? ” NO” is all I could say . She was the most gutsy soul ever seen but never that Gutsy to be happy because she was blocked by something from her past again causing her crushed , hopeless , grim , hateful, dire…. Little did she know that her one step was closer to the bigger innings of a new life.. She gave up got herself defeated and saw the complete world fall topple and got herself the name of a loser & player…Which she wasn’t!!

The answer to Why & How Never came up and she decided to bury it through herself forever….To Never look back and never make a attempt….All she did here was to be one Namby-Pamby and not be gutsy enough to stand up for something she wanted all this while the “Ultimate Happiness”… Everyone has a battle to sit and fight so did she but she lost out deliberately to a soul that could have given her everything she desired for…

And of all the futures she could have, she didn’t want a single one that didn’t have him in it”

We say never make Happiness a choice but rather grab it but how many of us are Gutsy enough to be happy other being slave to the Dogmatism…. I
say Be Gutsy enough to be Happy not everyone does


29 thoughts on “Are You Gutsy Enough to be Happy?

  1. Happiness is like a butterfly, when you try to catch the butterfly it flies away and once you stop pursuing it will eventually come and sit on the shoulders.


      1. That’s the spirit!!! look forward and keep going and one day you will be exactly in a place you always wished for!!


  2. Happiness is something we all want – and need – in life. But it comes in various forms. It can be found in the simplest things, as has been discussed in comments above. It can come from helping others, or doing a job we love. It can come from a loving family. Happiness can be found in the strangest places, too, like the wrods or actions of a stranger, a beautiful view, or a lovely day. I think that happiness is all around every one of us… We just need to reach out and embrace it. Happiness means we do not let set backs get us down for long, and we find the strength to get up and deal with them as best we can. Enjoy every day without wishing you were miles away.
    Hope that 2016 brings you much joy and happiness.

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  3. Reblogged this on Finding My Way's Blog and commented:
    I found this post to be inspiration & give a new prospective on the concept of being happy.

    How many moments, in our day are we given the chance for happiness? But don’t take it because we aren’t gusty enough or get in our own way of that happiness. There are simple joys & happiness every where, we just need to see them.


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